About Us

Who are we?

We are just like you. Another speck of sand in this big wide world, with a big dream to make a dint or a big enough sand castle to draw attention to the finer and cooler things in life. We want to help you further your lifestyle. Essentially we are a lifestyle brand. Or maybe just your biggest fan. We want to help thrive and fuel your passion.

The vision behind Furrii is simple really. It is to spread happiness and express life. We want to create a lifestyle of opportunity through visions and dreams to inspire you to aspire further in your own life. If you have something you are passionate about and that you enjoy. You should chase it. You should follow it. You should make it happen. We want to enable you in this and help you aspire further towards this.

Still curious? Let’s chat. Leave a comment or simply get in contact and see what we can do for you: contact@furrii.com

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