Furrii is all about pursuing your passion and living life to the fullest, and you can't do that without taking a leap of faith or pushing the limits. To do that, you need to be fearless. Doing what you love may be different from the "normal" life and that can be SCARY! 

To remind, encourage and to stand with you, we have teamed up with Lauren who also is chasing a passion on Youtube and we can all agree, that can be confronting and a challenge. 

See what Lauren has to say:

I, for example, love having a camera in my face... and I love talking to the world. At the same time, doing so exposes you to people that can be mean, or put you down for what you do. As someone who lives in Michigan, USA vlogging and YouTube are not typical things you hear about, so going anywhere with my big camera and microphone attracts a lot of attention... which is fine, but it isn't always nice attention. If I let the stares, the comments, or anything else people might say about me behind my back get in the way I wouldn't be where I am today. I have to be fearless in my passion - YouTube videos.

On top of that, I struggle with anxiety. Anyone who deals with it, or knows someone who does,
knows the everyday battle that comes with it. Simple things such as eating food at a restaurant, dealing with the unknown, or being away from home can cause intense anxiety attacks. For me, I have to be fearless in my everyday life...not even involving a camera.

As ironic as it is, doing YouTube videos has given me more confidence as I have continued to do it. People have been showing love and support towards my channel which fuels me to continue. I wouldn't have the confidence I do today without having to take that step and be fearless in the beginning (and still now).

Check out Lauren's channel here: Lauren Alley